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Turn Your Back to the Twilight

Hiei Jaganshi

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I have sincere doubts that many of you will be around long enough to get to know me so introducing myself is completely counterproductive. The only thing you need to know is this, don’t interfere with my goals or else the last thing you will see on your green earth is the sharp edge of my katana.

Are still feeling jubilant?

Hiei is a creature, not devoid of emotion, but emotionally stunted through a life filled with trials and tribulations. Stigmatism has given him a rather skewed reflection on what life means and what emotions are. He knows what they are and can identify them, he refers to the Kooromie as creatures that are dead and devoid of warmth, but circumstances such as they are have had an unfavorable impression on his emotional growth.

Initially he has a cruel, calculating, and arrogant air about himself. Hiei is extremely proud and confident in his abilities which are both a blessing and a curse. He’s not, necessarily, the greatest tactician and sometimes the natural urge to protect his pride takes precedence over anything else. This isn’t to say he doesn’t plan carefully; he certainly uses his abilities sparingly.

Hiei also possess a moral center and even though he uses the term loosely he would aid his *friends* during times of need. Hiei is not an angst ridden character; there is no huge meaning to life for him which is why (after he felt he had done what he had to do) he was more than happy…or at least content with an honorable death. His ideals aren’t necessarily stellar and he’s difficult to read, but he is very ambitious when he knows exactly what he wants.

Image Song
Ah... Waves of people flow through the city streets.
Now, as if to defy them,
I walk alone.

That precious smile
that I lost sight of long ago
is fading in my heart.

Never give up, even when
your heart is tested by sorrow.
Overcome all those times.

Never give up. Amidst the wind,
Turn your back to the twilight.
It will take you anywhere.
Lonely way.

Ah... Even when your frozen feelings
are unexpectedly shaken
by someone's gentleness,
close your eyes and just mutter
that warmth
doesn't suit you.

Never give up. Now, while holding
nothing but your dreams,
let fate guide you.

Never give up. Without expectation,
turn your back to the twilight.
Walk towards the future.
Lonely Way.

Never give up, even when
your heart is tested by sorrow.
Overcome all those times.

Hiei is a Yuu Yuu Hakusho™ and ©Yoshihiro Togashi. I do not own or claim to own this character, I only manipulate him like a marionett puppet for the sake of role playing amusement.

Hiei!mun and his master would be delighted if only the members of Yuuhaku Madness friended this journal. If you have, by some mistake, friended this journal and are not part of (or have no intention in becoming part of) Yuuhaku Madness, then please un-friend this jounral. Thanks!
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